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Wynnie Mynerva

Perù, 1993


| ​Emergent Artist

Wynnie Mynerva was born in Lima, Peru, in 1993. Mynerva's work revolves around gender politics, queer aesthetics and feminine desire. Her pictorial style and specific color palette refer to periods in Western art history that historically engaged with the female form only in relation to the male gaze. Unveiling a centuries-old aesthetic to break down and redefine femininity, Mynerva uses energetic gestures to harness a liberating power that makes it nearly impossible to impose a possessive gaze on the feminine forms of their paintings. Their frenetic features of abstract bodies rebel against the artistic tradition of the nude as passive. Mynerva's female subjects are released from the idea that the female body should be useful, and instead maintain an entirely female presence, fully affirmed in their desires to consume and experience pleasure without boundaries, rules or constructs.


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