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Russian, 1987


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AES + F is a collective of four Russian artists: Tatiana Arzamasova (born in 1955), Lev Evzovich (born in 1958), Evgeny Svyatsky (born in 1957) and Vladimir Fridkes (born in 1956). It was first formed as the AES Group in 1987 by Arzamasova, Evzovich and Svyatsky, becoming AES + F when Fridkes joined in 1995. The collective works in photography, video, installation and animation, as well as more traditional media, such as painting, drawing and sculpture. AES + F's early work included performance, installation, painting and illustration. Famous for their monumental video art installations that Gareth Harris describes as "monumental painting set in motion [1]", AES + F create grand visual narratives that explore contemporary global values, vices and conflicts.


Berlin, New York, and Moscow;

The studio is reachable at the email address below:

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