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The stages of the retail sale

Fill out the form on the side by entering the information about the works you would like to sell.
Alternatively, write us on the chat or send us an email.


After sending the requested information, it will be evaluated by our internal experts.
In case there is   you need to change any of the  information, we will let you know by email ._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf
If, on the other hand, the work is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

After the approval of the work, for publication on the platform, and therefore ready for sale, it is necessary to register on our platform and choose the type of account. There is a cost for the sales promotion service. The user can choose between:
- PRO account.
- PREMIUM account
By choosing an account
 PRO, The seller completes the sale with the buyer independently and receives the payment directly from the buyer. (useful for galleries and artists)  There is a paid plan for the sale of the works with the first 90 days of free trial. Subsequently, the cost will be 10 euros per month, with no limit to the number of works put up for sale. 
By choosing a PREMIUM account, which all users can join, you are entitled to promotions and other benefits. The cost is 500 euros per year.

Once the user has chosen the paid plan, will publish the work in the Art Market section.
1)   In case of interest in a work, the possible buyer and seller can agree privately, before the actual purchase.
2)  In case there is already an intention to purchase The seller will be contacted to receive the payment and the subsequent delivery of the work to the buyer. Delivery can take place in person or by shipment.
3) The seller can delegate to follow the sales phases and mediate between the parties involved in the sale, through the SALE PLUS service. Inform us at any time if you want to activate the service, knowing that the cost will be 15% of the purchase price of the work.

The artwork remains in the seller's possession until it is sold.
Sellers and buyers can be private collectors, galleries or artists.

The category is specified in the data of the work.


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